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Sonder Capital invests in teams and technologies that can transform healthcare in the medical device, diagnostic and healthtech sectors. We are Foundational Investors – we commit our energy and capital early to guide and support companies from inception to acquisition or IPO. We look for big ideas that will change lives.

Core to our success is our ability and willingness to be actively engaged with the companies we invest in, partnering with our entrepreneurs as strategic advisors and providing more than just capital. We believe in getting involved at the early stages of a company which allows us to help entrepreneurs navigate those critical early decisions that can have lasting impact on long-term success.

Our insight into what it takes to bring innovative technologies to market stems from decades of operating experience in the medtech industry. As founders, executives, and board members, we’ve overcome many of the hurdles faced by entrepreneurs.

What is a Sonder Deal?

We partner with entrepreneurs who have a passion for making an impact on patients’ lives and are inventing transformational technologies and business models. We look for these key attributes in every investment:

  • Medical device, diagnostic, or healthtech
  • Transformational innovation enabled by technology
  • Significant impact on patient outcomes, access to care or business model, often supported by the opportunity for a $1B+ market cap.

Investment Portfolio


uLink Labs is developing an ultrasound technology platform for powering future implantables smaller than a grain of rice.


Pioneering minimally invasive solutions for ENTs


BRIUS is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics with a truly invisible solution for straightening teeth that takes less than half the time of traditional braces.

Neptune Medical

Neptune Medical

The proprietary technology behind Neptune Medical – Dynamic Rigidization™ – enables catheters to transform from flexible to rigid, and back again on-demand.


Ziteo is fundamentally reinventing medical imaging to detect, localize, and treat tumors early.


Vitestro is transforming patient care by developing an autonomous blood drawing technology.

Our Team

We have spent our careers dedicated to the medtech community and making a difference in patient lives. We started Sonder Capital with a shared passion for bringing a new source of capital to this industry and helping build great medtech companies.


Fred Moll


Jay Watkins


Colby Wood


Kate Garrett


Andy McGibbon


Todd Brinton


Marisa Meehan


Ayo Roberts


Tom Muscarella

Commitment to Diversity

We recognize there is a gap today in the diversity of the voices heard by the venture community and the number of female and minority run businesses that receive venture backed funding. We want to be part of changing this.

While we traditionally only take inbound pitches from our established referral network, if you as a CEO or Founder are a minority, a woman or another underrepresented individual in the industry, we accept direct requests without a referral. Please email us your pitch deck or one page overview to and we commit to setting up an introductory call or replying with direct feedback on why the opportunity is not a fit with our thesis.

Our diversity metrics (January 2023 – December 2023):


of pitches seen presented by female CEOs or Founders


of pitches seen presented by non-white CEOs or Founders

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Diversity by Doing